Big Sean Posts Moving Video About Racism Amid The BLM Protests: ‘I Don’t Feel Equal And I Don’t Feel Free’

Big Sean took to social media to share a heartbreaking video in which he detailed his own struggle with racism and also wished his ‘sisters and brothers strength.’ The rapper spoke up about the senseless murder of George Floyd and stressed that ‘justice needs to be served.’

This comes amid Black Lives Matter protests happening all over the country, Big Sean being the latest celebrity to show support to the cause and condemn racial inequality and police brutality in the United States.

The rapper also admitted that, while thousands of people are marching and demanding a positive change, it doesn’t make him feel any more ‘free.’

‘Clearly we got the whole world’s attention and justice has to be served, period, and if it is not, I don’t think things are going to change or get better,’ he mentioned in the video.

Sean went on to discuss the protests, saying that he suspected some people present had ‘ulterior motives’ to make the peaceful protesters appear like they are ‘wild beasts.’

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From the heart #BlackLivesMatter

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‘We’re not wild beasts, we are extraordinary, talented and magical people that if you took us out of the equation, the world would just be very, very bland,’ he argued.

As for what he thinks is still stopping social justice from being achieved, the rapper told his followers: ‘This current government and country is built on a racist foundation,’ reminding people that some of the ‘first police forces ever were made during slavery and their main focus was to capture, beat, and discipline the slaves. You want to talk about the land of equality and freedom, I don’t feel equal and I don’t feel free.’

In conclusion, he stressed that, in order for real, long-lasting change to happen, the government has to ‘relay the foundation’ and things need to be updated.

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