Weird ‘dolphin-like creature with no eyes or fins washes up on Mexican beach’

A MYSTERIOUS dolphin-like creature with no eyes or fins has reportedly washed up on a Mexican beach.

Fishermen at the popular surfers’ beach of Destiladeras told local media it could have come from deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Mexican media couldn’t identify exactly what the creature is
Central European News
It was said to have been discovered at Destiladeras, a beach popular with surfers and sunbathers in Punta Mita
Central European News

The discovery of the stranded beast – with a strange tail similar to an eel’s – took place in Punta Mita, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco which is on the Pacific coast, reports Tribuna De La Bahia.

With its dolphin-like head and sharp teeth, but lacking any flippers, it apparently startled many people.

Tribuna said that the “strange creature” was found dead and “caused a furore on social media” and among residents.

It was reported to have been discovered by a group of people walking along Destiladeras beach.

Initially, it was assumed to be a dead dolphin until they got closer, and realised it was something entirely different.

For example, the animal did not have any eyes, prompting locals to predict that it may well have come from deep in the Pacific Ocean where no light penetrates and eyes are not necessary.


Bohemia reports that no local fishermen interviewed by local media recognised the creature.

But they mentioned that in Puerto Vallarta there is a marine area thousands of meters deep, next to an area known as Mismaloya, and it is claimed this could be the home of the strange creature.

Local media confirmed that nobody has so far been able to identify the weird animal.

It’s the latest in a string of bizarre sightings of creepy creatures from the deep, with Sun Online recently reporting on a Russian fisherman who regularly encounters alien-like catches from the Norwegian and Barents seas.

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And in 2018, an odd creature with mottled black-and-white tentacles washed up on a beach in Australia.

This image was shared on Reddit to try and identify an unusual creature in Australia
Credit: Pen News/Travis Power

Jam Press

Fisherman Roman Fedortsov went to Marine University in Murmansk and is an expert on processing and preparing fish[/caption]

Jam Press

His discoveries may look more like aliens than fish to the untrained eye[/caption]

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