Meet the 6 ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Who Get Engaged Within 10 Days

Is it possible to fully fall in love without ever seeing the person? That’s the question on Netflix’s Love Is Blind. The first five episodes dropped on Friday, February 14, showing the singles getting to know each other inside the pods, connections being made and proposals happening.

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The couples have 10 days in the pods — and can propose whenever. The “experiment” runs over 38 days: From the day they begin talking in the pods, to going on vacation, meeting each other’s families and a wedding.

However, it’s a bit complicated in the beginning since some people make multiple connections.

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Jessica Batten was at a tough spot at the beginning. At the end of the first episode, Mark Cuevas and her were crazy about each other but she was hesitant about their age difference — she’s 34 while he’s 25. When Matt Barnett, who she had also been connecting with, explained that he was thrown off my Mark’s confidence in them, he also told Jess that he’d “propose tomorrow” to her. That statement was a game-changer for Jessica. So, she told Mark that she wasn’t fully in with him.

However, Barnett, 27, then started making other connections and actually told Jess the next day he didn’t know if that’s what he meant. Ultimately, he chose to propose to Amber Pike instead and Mark proposed to Jess.

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That’s only two of the couples! Here’s a breakdown of all the pairs who got engaged — and what happened when all the couples headed to Mexico for a few nights together:

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Jessica and Mark

After a bumpy road, Mark proposed during episode 3 and Jessica said yes. Upon meeting and heading to Mexico, Jessica didn’t fully feel physically connected to Mark and was not ready to be intimate just yet. She also had to deal with seeing Barnett in Mexico and things were … awkward. While in Mexico, Jess decided not to wear her ring and wasn’t fully sure she wanted to marry him.


Barnett and Amber

After the engineer battled to make up his mind, Barnett proposed to the cocktail waitress, 26, and upon meeting, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other the entire time. He admitted when meeting Jessica for the first time that he did want to apologize for what had happened — but he was still dedicated to Amber.


Lauren Chamblin and Cameron Hamilton

On day 5 — during the first episode, Lauren, a 26-year-old recruiter, and Cameron, 29, got engaged after making quite a connection. Upon meeting in person, the sparks were fully there and they seemed over the moon and fully in love during their time in Mexico.



Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

During the second episode, the health coach, 32, and Kenny, 27, were crazy about each other and he proposed. They were both convinced that they were in love with each other. However, Kelly didn’t want to rush into anything physical with the lighting consultant.


Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

After Damian, 28, proposed at the end of episode 2, Gigi, 25, waited to say yes. First, the retail business owner told him to stand up and wanted to also propose to him since she considered them equals. On their first night in Mexico, she was eager to connect physically as well.


Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton

During the second episode, Carlton, 34, proposed to the NBA dancer, 28, explaining that he was in love with her. However, he was harboring a secret: he had relationships in the past with men and was afraid to tell her. During their first night together, they realized their personalities may not be as compatible as they thought but it may be because of his secret. He told her on their first night together and decided to sleep on it separately. The next day, she tried to explain that she felt betrayed he wasn’t upfront from the beginning — but he wanted her to get to know him before knowing that. The discussion quickly turned into an argument that led to her taking off her ring, him throwing it across the pool, him calling her a bitch and her throwing her drink on him. Needless to say, they ended their relationship.



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