Listen to SWMRS and FIDLAR’s boisterous cover of The 1975’s ‘People’

SWMRS and FIDLAR have joined forces to cover The 1975‘s song ‘People’ — listen to the track below.

The two bands recorded their version of the Manchester group’s track, which will feature on The 1975’s forthcoming new album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’, as “a nod” to the Matty Healy-led band.

You can hear SWMRS and FIDLAR’s cover of The 1975’s ‘People’ below.

SWMRS recently gave a fresh update on guitarist Max Becker’s health as he continues to recover from the road accident the band’s tour bus was involved in in October 2019.

The band confirmed on January 26 that “while it is a miracle how well Max is doing, it’s still going to take a bit of time for him to be able to join us for shows”.

SWMRS are due to start their tour supporting Cage The Elephant in the UK this weekend, which Becker will miss in order to continue his recovery.

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The 1975, meanwhile, performed ‘People’ as part of their live set which closed the NME Awards 2020 earlier this week.

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The band picked up three awards at the ceremony on Wednesday night (February 12), including Band Of The Decade and Best British Band supported by Pizza Express.

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