The 12 Best Home Waxing Kits For Every Body Part (Including That One)

Any time-strapped mama knows the first rule of #momlife is that if an investment doesn’t save you time, it’s probably not worth it. That’s why home waxing kits are so money. If you can shave and see spiky regrowth within days OR wax and get twice the amount of smooth time, which would you pick? (Ding, ding if you answered the latter).

We tend to think of waxing as requiring a trip to the salon, a pipe dream for busy women who can’t always find the time to brush their teeth, much less keep an appointment with an aesthetician. Blissfully, it’s gotten just as easy to wax at home as it is to shave, with the best home waxing kits now being easier to use and designed to tackle specific areas. No more super sticky, crazy messy situations that make your toddler look like Marie Kondo. From legs to bikini area to nose (no shame), it’s time to lean into at-home hair removal.

Best For Legs

Anlome Wax Strips

If you’re brand new to waxing at home, start with your legs. It’s a large area of the body that requires no weird contortions and won’t be as painful as other spots you can tackle later. Pick rookie-friendly strips—they’re fairly mess-free (and idiot-proof). Popular with first-timers, aesthetician student Yvonne says they’re her go-to. “I blow through supplies on a weekly basis. These are good quality and affordable.”


Best For Eyebrows

Nads Eyebrow Shaper Wax Kit

When it comes to shaping brows, a tool that you can wield like a pen is smart and, so long as you use sparingly, lessens the room for error (just imagine dabbing a popsicle stick with goopy, gluey wax near your brows…).

Plus, it’s $4 so…why not?


Best For Bikini

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Reejoys Hair Removal Strips

Here’s the thing about waxing your own bikini line: Beyond major props (you go, girl), it’s the area that gives you the most pause about using something hot and sticky. Lessen the room for error with pre-fab strips. 

We love this pick because, per one very helpful Amazon shopper, it’s fool-proof enough for teenage boys. “I got them for my daughter and my legs,  but it was so easy my son asked if I would show him how to do his back and belly—his best friend ended up doing it too. If young men can do this and not make a mess and not cry, it must be good.”


Best For Face

Avashine Wax Strips

The face tends to be more sensitive than legs or arms, so finding a product that lessens the pain factor is vital for winning this category. Shoppers raved over how minimal the ouch was, and, while not designed for the face, the strips are easy to cut to whatever size or shape you need.


Best For Nose

Kenashii Nose Wax Kit

We all have nose hair; we all have nose hair that occasionally peeks out in a not-so-sexy way. If this is something you should want to address, brands out there want to make it easy for you.

Special applicators address the trickiness of the space, and dudes with facial hair can yank with abandon. “Moustache stencils” help protect the good hair. A final pro? The packaging is quirky enough that you can give it as a pseudo gag gift that, you know, he might just end up using.


Best For Underarms

Surgi Wax Brazilian Wax Kit

The curvature of your pits can make strips a little tricky (think about all the wrinkling action whenever you put a bandage on a round area like your knee). Hard wax creates, for lack of a better term, a custom fit that will get more hairs in less yanks.


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Best For Thick, Coarse Hair

VidaSleek Waxing Kit

Not all hair is created equal, and sometimes you’ve gotta be honest about what you’re working with. As a self-proclaimed “Sasquatch,”  Taryn said these are what got the job done.

“I legitimately have the hairiest, darkest, most intense, out-of-control leg hair a girl could possibly have. It’s thick, blacker than a starless night and grows back within hours of being shaved.” And while the VidaSleek kit was sticky and had an ouch-factor (honestly, tricky to avoid…), it was worth it x 100. “For $20, I literally just changed my entire life.”


Best For Sensitive Skin

Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Truth: Women who just got over prenatal or postpartum acne do not want to fool around with anything that might throw their skin out of whack. This formula doesn’t bill itself as being for sensitive skin, but keeping junky stuff like parabens and sulfates off the ingredient list has a nice side effect.

“Best wax for sensitive skin!” Ulta shopper Sharon said. “I normally break out in hives when waxed at a spa or salon. This is gentle and effective.”


Best For Experienced Waxers

Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

Not your first rodeo? If you’ve done the pre-fab strips and feel ready to graduate to something more professional, look no further (and look away if you’re a newbie). The kit includes different sized applicators and pre- and post-product so you can really go the extra mile.


Best For Skin That Gets Red Easily

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Ferbon Wax Strips

Okay, so waxing is irritating by nature, but if your complexion is the type that turns tomato red at the first sign of trauma, this is your box. With beeswax as the main ingredient, it’s gentler than other options on the market and a smart choice if you tend to react to synthetic ingredients.


Best For Faking An At-Home Spa Day

Tress Wellness Waxing Kit

If you want to seize the me-time that can come with waxing at home, go for it. Lock the kids out of the bathroom, pull Netflix up on your phone, and pour some wine (but not too much—there’s a very small window for combining alcohol with hot wax). 


Best For Eco Mamas

Nads Natural Gel Kit

Feel an eco-anxiety attack coming on whenever you see too many non-pronounceable chemical compounds on an ingredient list? This is your best bet for a green option (and, ha, it’s actually green!). Certified cruelty-free by PETA and with ingredients like honey, vinegar, and lemon juice, it’s not one-and-done either. The cotton strips that come included can be rinsed in warm water and reused.


Excited about bringing more spa-like luxury into your own bathroom? Shop drugstore beauty for products like nail polishes that make doing your own mani an experience.

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