15 Beautiful Rose Gold Hairstyles

Dyeing one’s hair is not a new trend and almost everyone has had their tresses dyed at one point in their life or another.

But this rose-y, pink-y gold colour is just too beautiful not to share! I wanna have my hair dyed rose gold toooo. *sigh*

1. This length and the loose curls combo is sure to win hearts.

2. This uber wavy ‘do with a buzz cut look screams rocker chick, but with a twist. Just beautiful!

3. Classic wedding bun with a twist? Colour it rose gold!

4. This just-out-of-bed look is still tres chic.

5. This cutesy ‘lil bun is an ultimate head turner!

6. Why not keep it multi-faceted like this?

7. Whoever said that curly hair can’t be pretty? Slay girl!

8. Just golden and glow-y without being over-stated.

9. The braids on this one screams warrior princess. A cute warrior princess.

10. This pin-up girl look is number one for us!

11. This multi-coloured look with a darker base is very classy. Get your ombre on!

12. From boring to fun!

13. Even Ellie Goulding loves her golden pink hair!

14. Very high fashion!

15. It’s like were all in sparkly, shimmery cotton candy land!

*Flips hair in agreement*


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