Show Your Love For Australia’s Wildlife With These Beautiful Tattoo Designs

When the wildfires started to consume one tree, one animal, one sign of life after another, it was said that the forests may not recover from what happened.

The whole world was devastated, not just us, and with everything happening in the world right now, I just wanted to look on the bright side of things.

Recently, the forests engulfed by flames has shown signs of life surviving and thriving. In an article by Insider, I saw the photos and I can’t help but feel amazed and hopeful.

Scroll down below and see what I mean!

Show Your Love For Australia's Wildlife With These Beautiful Tattoo Designs

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The photos were so beautiful that I wanted to get a tattoo! haha Yes! A tattoo!  In honour and appreciation to this beautiful land we live in. Australia has such a lush and vibrant wildlife. So many species of plants and animals that can only be found here and I want to show my love through it through a tattoo.

While we’re on that topic, I gathered some numerous designs if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, too! I can’t choose one so I am still taking time to think hehe…






Image result for emu bird tattoos"







If we find some more tattoo ideas we’ll add more ideas so keep coming back and let us know which ones you fancy!

Show Your Love For Australia's Wildlife With These Beautiful Tattoo Designs


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