Vanderpump Rules Recap: Stassi Schroeder Explodes on Sandoval During Book Signing at TomTom

All hell broke loose between Stassi Schroeder and Tom Sandoval on Monday’s explosive episode of "Vanderpump Rules."

Stassi was getting ready to wrap up her nationwide book tour and decided to host one final book signing/party at TomTom to celebrate. It was supposed to be on a Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. with around 50 or 60 people.

Sandoval knew this, and when Tom Schwartz suggested they bartend the event, Sandoval shot down the idea because he’s "an owner." He also felt Stassi wasn’t including him in a lot of the planning.

While Sandoval was out with friends, Stassi and Schwartz were at TomTom, figuring out the logistics of the event. He assured Stassi they wouldn’t be charging her for the space because she’s "family."

The next day, Stassi woke up to a text Sandoval had sent around 2 a.m. She read it to her now-fiancé, Beau Clark, as a screenshot of the text took over the screen: "Hey, so I found out TODAY, about ur book party at tomtom w/ no word from u?? Truth, we have no bartenders… I’m not bartending and neither is Schwartz… so idk what is actually going to happen. Don’t put this on me [or] us bc I will literally kick you the f–k out of tomtom. And all of ur wristbands."

Stassi was beside herself because she had already gotten Lisa Vanderpump’s blessing and done a walk-through with Schwartz, who owns the same percentage of the bar that Sandoval owns. "He sounds like a psycho ex-boyfriend!" she told Beau, who wasn’t too pleased about the situation. He urged Stassi to screenshot the message and send it to Schwartz

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"If he causes a scene or f–ks shit up, I am going to lose it," Stassi promised, and boy did she follow through!

We later found out a few bartenders had pulled out of the gig at the last minute. Schwartz managed to scavenge up some replacements, but not before an angry Sandoval could send Stassi that "rage text." "It was a bit of a scramble there, but we handled it!" Schwartz told the camera. "These things happen in our industry."

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It was now the day of the event. Stassi showed up to TomTom and told Schwartz she was still "shook" from the message Sandoval had sent her. Schwartz seemed just as confused and startled. Oh, and did we mention Sandoval couldn’t be there early because he was in the ER with a spider bite? We can’t make this stuff up.

The event was going beautifully until Sandoval showed up. He was angry at Schwartz because he said they couldn’t have their bartenders working 12-hour shifts (TomTom opened earlier than usual to accommodate the event). Both Schwartz and Katie Maloney told Sandoval the text he sent Stassi was "childish" and "aggressive," but he wouldn’t back down. Meanwhile, Ariana Madix defended her man and said it was "childish" to not have the event properly staffed.

That’s when Katie accused Sandoval of being "jealous" of Stassi’s success, which set him all the way off. He vehemently denied that he was jealous and told Katie she didn’t know what she was talking about. "This isn’t Katie Maloney’s Bar and Grill!" he shouted, before telling Katie to "go have a glass of wine" while he spoke to her husband.

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While Schwartz was reprimanding Sandoval for his behavior, Stassi came storming over. "Is there a freaking issue?!" she hurled at Sandoval. "What is not okay about having a bunch of customers in here, buying drinks from your bar? Is it because I didn’t come to you and kiss your ring? I talked to Lisa…"

Sandoval said Lisa didn’t make the schedule, prompting Stassi to fire back, "Lisa owns most of this bar! I did a walk-through with Schwartz while you were at a boys’ night! How dare you come in here right now and do this?! How dare you?! How dare you, you selfish, egotistical, piece of shit! How dare you?! And to text me those things, how dare you?!"

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"You know what? You’re just f–king sad that this isn’t about you!" she added. "It’s not good enough to have your f–king name on Santa Monica Boulevard?! I did nothing wrong. You didn’t have to do anything! You had to do nothing!"

As Stassi stormed off in tears, Sandoval told Schwartz her outburst was "extremely out of line." Sandoval also tried to tell Schwartz he thought the shindig would be only "15 people," but Bravo had receipts.

"No offense, Schwartz, I know you can mix drinks — that’s fine — but you don’t know how to work the computer system," Sandoval said. "It’s an issue. It’s a huge issue, Schwartz." Schwartz told Sandoval he was "belittling" him and being "condescending," so Sandoval left.

Sandoval later told the camera, "It’s obvious that Stassi doesn’t have any respect for me or the fact that I’m an owner at TomTom and that we are doing this as a favor for her for free. And as far as Schwartz goes, my business partner? We have a lot to talk about."

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He later called Ken Todd and told him Stassi went ballistic at their establishment, then told Schwartz he wanted the "princess brat" "banned" from TomTom forever.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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