Elsie’s 2020 Project List

So, I was reading Chris Loves Julia (one of my favorite blogs) and I loved learning about their 2020 project plans, which inspired me to share my own 2020 list—both for the accountability it provides and to organize my own thoughts. This is going to be such an exciting and very full year!!!!

Prep our current home to sell and sell it. 

(This photo of Nova’s bedroom comes from this post and you can see the final before/after tour of our home here.)

Our home is totally complete, but we still need to move out, stage it for real estate photos and sell it (hopefully quickly!).

Because we have two little kids (and a ton of concerns that come along with that), we chose to wait to list our current home for sale until we could move into our new home. This was a bit scary because it would have been NICE to know our home was sold before we jumped into a new home renovation. But after some long conversations this is what we felt was best for our family dynamic.

The next important step will be selling our current home. We will have some prep to do, some staging, some minimizing, etc. I’ll share a post at some point on what we learn. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Complete our Disney bnb and share a tour, room by room! 

This is a before photo of our new bnb in Florida, which we purchased furnished. We have been there once now for a quick weekend makeover, but we are planning to go back in April for a FULL makeover. I am really excited about this project because as opposed to our new forever home where we plan to do things slowly and with a generous budget, this will be the opposite! We’ll be renovating quickly and on a limited budget.

You can hear more about our Florida bnb project in Episode 9 of our podcast.

We’re planning to do a lot of removable wallpaper, painting furniture and themed decor. I cannot wait to share the whole process with you!

Do my first single parent room makeover. 
Emma started an amazing project to honor single parents by gifting them a room makeover. You can see the first post here. It’s a way for us to use our platform and our resources to give back, and it’s also a lot of fun because we LOVE to do room makeovers. I will be sharing my first room makeover this spring, which is for a local single mama who I ADORE.

OK … now on to our list for our new home. It is LONG. I won’t be sad if we don’t get to all these things this year, but it’s my job to be prepared and planning ahead on all these projects. So here’s what is on our list for phase one and two, which will last the rest of 2020. I’m going to go in order (ish) of what we’re planning to do …

Redo wood floors 

We were lucky enough to purchase a home with hardwoods in the majority of the home. We are doing a sand and finish on what is there (doing them lighter, exactly like our previous home since we loved those floors so much!). For the carpeted areas (and a couple bits disjointed wood that did not match), we are pulling it up and replacing it with matching flooring. We also have to redo our stairs so they will match. MATCHING FLOORS—yay.

  Gryffindor-Inspired Bedroom

Build a music studio

If you’re new here, my husband is a music producer and he works at home full-time (we both work at home). Throughout our relationship he’s had studios in our home and other places, and a home studio is the most practical solution that is best for our family. We prioritized building this space first thing (before we move) since he needs it to work. We also record our podcast in here, so I’m excited to use it too.

I totally realize that building a music studio is specific to us and not relatable to most people. I plan to still do at least ONE deep dive post about all the details like soundproofing, since we are learning so much!

Nova’s bedroom

Leaving our kid’s bedrooms behind is one of the saddest parts about this move. For each of them, I designed those rooms while we were waiting to be matched and in some ways it was my first way to bond with them because I spent so much time dreaming about them. Ugh.

To combat the sad stuff I am REALLY going all in on their new bedrooms. As you can see above, Nova’s new bedroom is a boring box and I cannot wait to show you what we’ve got planned for it! I let her choose between two themes and I love what she chose!

Marigold’s bedroom 

Marigold is just turning 2 so I am excited to create a room she can grow into as we eventually swap to a toddler bed. She has three closets in her room, which is kind of odd. One is meant to be a linen closet for the bathroom, I believe, and then there are two more full-size closets. So I am thinking we can use one as a closet for her clothing and one for storing all our other kid stuff—toys, games, craft stuff, etc.

Kids bathroom There’s a part of me that wants to leave ALL the bathrooms alone this year, but if we do take on one bathroom, this will be the first one. As you can see here, it’s not a bad space at all. It’s clean and functional. But I would LOVE to design them a really special bathroom, but I don’t feel in a huge rush.

Refresh our deck(s) and spend LOTS of time outdoors. 

For the past five years we didn’t have a porch, so porches became surprisingly high on my list of “wants” for our new home. Our children love to be outdoors and constantly ask to do picnics outside. Our oldest daughter would have every meal outside if we would let her, it’s so cute! I want to refresh and furnish these spaces immediately so we can begin enjoying them. My husband is also BIG into cooking; it’s his main hobby. And for the past few years, I have been talking him out of buying a nice grill because we didn’t really have a spot for it (Father’s Day gift idea! Don’t worry—he won’t read this!).

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Anyway, I could go on and on, but we are VERY EXCITED to live outdoors!

In the same breath, in our long-term plan for phase three of this home we will be building a whole new deck (I won’t even try to explain our vision, but it’s very good!). So we want to spend a minimal amount of money refreshing this space to enjoy for the next 1-2 years.

Paint the exterior brick As many of your have already guessed, YES of course I cannot wait to paint this home white. We’re excited to try mineral paint this time instead of latex (it’s healthier for the environment). I don’t plan to do contrast colors (I love black and white homes, but not for mid-century!), just white and more white. Perhaps a beige for the flower bed or something. You can tell me what YOU would do as long as you phrase it nicely (lol). I completely understand when some people say brick homes should not be painted, but I am telling you now that that is what I really want to do! I actually think the details might stand out more in all white.

We’re also looking into options for the front door. I’d like to get something more fitting to the era. What do you think, double or single doors?

I don’t think the photos really show it, but the front windows have gold tint to them and if that can be removed I will probably remove it.

Entry and front living room

This is the first living space we want to tackle since it’s the first thing you see when you enter the home, and also it’s really inspiring me! We want to do a lot … new tile in the entry section, add paneling and larger beams to the ceiling, statement wallpaper and furnish and decorate. Actually, that doesn’t sound so intense when I type it all out.

Dining room refresh This small dining room may not stay after our addition, but I want to quickly spruce it up with some removable wallpaper, new curtains, a round or oval table and a vintage china hutch. Sounds cute, huh?

Mini kitchen makeover Out of all the plans here this is the one where I am the MOST undecided. This kitchen is kind of tricky! I’ll explain the full context and then you can help me decide what to do, OK?

So in our eventual plan we are doing an addition and this entire kitchen will be GONE (donated or sold—don’t worry). But in the meantime, while we plan and save up for that dream kitchen, I want to enjoy this one as much as possible! I am willing to put some work and SOME money into it, but I don’t want to go too crazy. I’m looking for quick, creative ways to help it feel more like us for the next 1-2 years.

My first thought is to paint the cabinets and replace the hardware. That would probably be the easiest update that would make it feel more our style. I don’t think I want to rip any cabinets out, but I thought about refacing the hood cover. I also think just styling it might help quite a bit!

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It’s a good kitchen with high end appliances and quartz. It’s just not really my style and so I am looking for quick ways to make it feel more like us.

Master bedroom 
This room will be so easy to makeover—probably the easiest thing on this list! I am envisioning some wallpaper on that back wall (or all around?), new curtains and replace those old sconces and the fan. It doesn’t need much, but it will be so much fun. Maybe I’ll save this one for when I need an “easy” project?

Stone fireplace 

Here is yet another part of the home where I am open to advice!

In our previous home, we painted our stone fireplace white (you can see it here!) and we LOVED it. So I am not opposed to painting it fully white, although I would use mineral paint this time, not latex. I feel like if you live with a big choice like that and have zero regrets then it’s probably a safe choice to repeat again.

That said, this stone fireplace is lighter and prettier. And I’ve been inspired by natural stone. So I want to try to keep it natural, but refresh it a bit.

You can sort of see in this photo that the bottom part of the fireplace is lighter than the top. We think it is sun bleached. It’s not just soot because since then we cleaned it with chemicals (A LOT) and it really only lightened the part just above the fireplace. Oh, and we already got rid of that fireplace grill—it’s gone!

Anyway, I am interested in trying to tint the stones lighter and then refresh the grout lighter. If you have some wisdom on this subject, please share it with me! I’m so excited to see what we can achieve here!

Basement living room projects

See the paint test already on that fireplace? I think you can see where this is going.

I actually have a more epic plan for this fireplace, but we’ll for sure paint it with mineral paint for a quick refresh. This view is going to be SO DIFFERENT in a few months!

Last, but not least, this little wet bar spot has already been demoed and will be a cute little coffee/snack nook (functioning both for Jeremy’s studio and also for our downstairs living room, which is the TV spot). It’s gonna be SO cute! Since I’m not doing a kitchen this year, I’ll probably channel all my kitchen energy into this little nook.

Well, that was fun! I am truly grateful for a year of projects ahead! I love what we do for a living and I am looking forward to sharing more with you both here and on the podcast.

Now, please, feel free to unleash your opinions and ideas on me. I love to hear them!!! 🙂 xx- Elsie


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