This Week on Explore (12/20), Wustoo

This Week on Explore (12/20)

Last week, we were honored at the Streamys Social Good Awards which honors the companies and brands, creators and influencers, and nonprofits and NGOs who use online video and social media to amplify their message, foster engagement and participation, and make a greater, more meaningful impact.

We are excited to announce that Charlie Annenberg and are granting $25K to each fellow Streamys Social Good Award Honorees for NGO/Non-profit: St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and It Gets Better Project. We are thrilled to be recognized alongside these two world class non-profits and excited to support their outstanding missions and commitment to creating a better world to live in.

This Week on Explore (12/20), Wustoo

What a year! Before we head into 2020, check out the top highlights from 2019 that YOU chose!

The Gray Seals are back! Come join us to watch live births, motherly bonding, and playful seal pups!
This Week on Explore (12/20), Wustoo

As we approach the holidays, we hope you take some time to refresh and relax with our many soothing cams on!
This Week on Explore (12/20), Wustoo

We love manatees! Learn more about manatees in our latest video hosted by Mike Fitz:

From everyone here at we hope you have a happy holiday and wishing you a wonderful new year! See you in 2020!


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