RIAA goes after DBR.ee replacement site with new subpoena, Wustoo

RIAA goes after DBR.ee replacement site with new subpoena

RIAA goes after DBR.ee replacement site with new subpoena, Wustoo

The Recording Industry Association Of America recently secured another subpoena in the US courts ordering domain registrar Namecheap and internet services firm Cloudflare to hand over any information they have in relation to a bunch of websites accused of copyright infringement. And that includes a site that launched just three months ago to replace another one shut down following a similar RIAA subpoena earlier this year: DBR.ee

That particular file-hosting site went offline in May following legal action from the RIAA and its fellow record industry trade groups Music Canada and the IFPI. The closure came just weeks after the RIAA secured another subpoena forcing Cloudflare to reveal details about various copyright infringing websites, including DBR.ee.

However, following the demise of DBR.ee, in September a new site launched called DBREE.co which seemed to carry on where the now defunct file-hosting site left off. It’s not clear if any of the people involved in DBR.ee are also behind DBREE.co. But the RIAA is presumably interested in finding that out.

It’s Torrentfreak that spotted the latest RIAA subpoena against Namecheap and Cloudflare, and also that DBREE.co was among the targeted sites.

The accompanying legal document reads: “The purpose for which this subpoena is sought is to obtain the identity of the individual assigned to these websites who has induced the infringement of, and has directly engaged in the infringement of, our members’ copyrighted sound recordings without their authorisation”.

Other sites covered by the new subpoena include FLACC.org and Hiphopeasy.xyz. It remains to be seen if any more closures now follow the court order.

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