Chick-Fil-A customer furious after staff call him ‘ugly sweater guy’ on his receipt

A CHICK-FIL-A customer was left furious after staff called him an “ugly sweater guy” on his receipt.

Daniel Graham, 22, felt humiliated in the Flagstaff, Arizona branch, as the ticket in the fast food restaurant was only meant to be passed around to staff.

Daniel Graham was left fuming when staff labelled him as ‘ugly sweater’
He shared the ticket on Twitter, which Chick-Fil-A employees use to identify customers

Mr Graham, ordered 30 chicken nuggets and a serving of large fries on Monday at 1.39pm.

But he found the ticket which said: “Guest: Daniel. Carry Out. Ugly Sweater.”

He shared a photograph of the ticket on Twitter and said: “It was NOT MY PLEASURE TO EAT CHIC FIL A TODAY.”

“I’m not mad but I am sad and I will take reparations in free chicken sandwiches,” he wrote in a follow up tweet.

Mr Graham clarified it was not a receipt but a takeout ticket staff use to identify the customer.

Many jumped to his defence on social media, with some even saying they owned the same sweater.

“But this sweater is actually so cute and I need it,” one person wrote.

But others agreed with the staff and said they weren’t wrong.

Mr Graham said after receiving a number of responses, “Imma answer some questions. 1. I had a drink already. 2. I shard the nugs with my gf. 3. I didn’t ask them to say that. 4. It’s not a receipt, it’s a takeout ticket they use to identify the customer, it was given to me by accident. 5. StReAm mY MuSiC.”

His tweet has gone viral with nearly 150,000 likes and 17,000 retweets.

One said: “Okay but ugly sweater is what cute sweaters like that are called sir.”

Another added: “I agree, especially considering the fact that ugly sweaters are actually like a style currently.

But a former Chick-fil-A employee added to the discussion: “Hi! I used to work for chick fil a. The paper he received is what the cashiers use to call out your order/name.

“They’re not intended for the customer.. it’s a cheat sheet so they can remember your name, or sweater, and ‘make a connection.”

Graham said he purchased 30 chicken nuggets and a portion of fries, before he was humiliated
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