Terrifying moment revellers are thrown from a pirate-themed fairground ride in Thailand

TERRIFYING footage shows the moment carnival-goers in Thailand are thrown from a fairground ride after a safety bar fails.

Fourteen people were on the pirate-themed ride at an event in the city of Lopburi in central Thailand when the incident occurred on Saturday night.

Five people were thrown from a fairground ride in Thailand after a safety bar opened
Among the injured was a 13-year-old girl who suffered a broken leg


Police have now closed the ride and are investigating the incident[/caption]

The ride was at the peak of its height when a bar holding six people in place opened.

Five people, two of them children, were then thrown to the floor as the mechanical arm completed its rotation.

Four slammed into the ride’s steel walkway, while one boy was thrown over a steel railing to the ground.

He is seen getting to his feet and dusting himself off.

He is visibly shaken and has blood coming from a wound to his head, though otherwise does not appear to have sustained serious injuries.

A girl can also be heard crying in the background.

Paramedics attended the scene and took a number of wounded people to a nearby hospital.

Reports said a 13-year-old girl was found to have suffered a broken leg, though she has now been released.

The incident occurred at around 9pm local time.

One witness, named as Jidapa, said: “I was taking my young relatives to the fair and watching this ride because it looked so scary.

“I just heard people screaming at the top then they fell out when the ride came down.

“I’m very shaken by it, too. I’ve never seen this happen before.”

Police today closed the ride down.


The man who was operating the ride at the time of the accident, a 30-year-old name as Ake, apologised for his “carelessness” in not ensuring the bar was secured.

“I was in charge at the control centre because my friend who also ran station went to the toilet and then had a break,” he said.

“I want to apologise to the people who were hurt and their family but I did not know much about the machine so I did not check anything before I started it.”

Police Major General Natthapol Sukrasorn said that he had ordered the machine temporarily closed while checks are carried out on the owner’s license.

“We talked to the machine owner and asked them to hand their licenses in to the station so we can  check if they are legal.

“We also assigned engineers to check the condition of the mechanics on the ride.

“They will investigate the ride to see if it had a good standard of safety.

“If the licenses for the ride were legally registered, the owners will be allowed to continue running the business, but if they were not, we will charge them.”

Officers also warned the ride’s owner could face prosecution as well as legal action by those who were injured.

A boy is seen on the floor after being thrown over the ride’s railing


He is pictured later after receiving treatment for a wound to his head[/caption]


A man named as Ake, who was operating the ride at the time of the accident, has apologised for his carelessness[/caption]


A policeman is seen by the safety bar that opened[/caption]


Officials said the owner of the ride could face prosecution[/caption]

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