Shocking moment woman, 23, is lead into alleyway before being ‘sexually assaulted’ as security ‘watched’

THIS is the shocking moment a woman is lead into an alleyway before she is “sexually assaulted” in front of security guards.

A man appears to hold up the 23-year-old woman from her behind for seven minutes outside El Hefe in Chicago.


Security staff bring the woman to an alley behind the nightclub in Chicago before she is allegedly assaulted[/caption]


The man in red shoes allegedly assaulted the woman[/caption]

The woman’s lawyer believes the suspect “was friendly with the bar staff and in fact knew the bar staff”.

He has been accused of sexually assaulting the woman around 50 feet away from the club’s exit, so the staff could see – prompting them to laugh.

After the assault, the man let her drop on the ground in her heavily intoxicated state, before calling security staff to pick her up.

Before the incident, the woman claims a bartender saw an “unknown individual” make sexual advances towards her, after she was intoxicated and vomited.

In the lawsuit she filed in Cook County, she went on to claim the bartender told the man to stop. and he didn’t.

Security staff reportedly forced her to leave because she was intoxicated.

But CCTV footage appears to show security opening the back door of El Hefe, allowing her to stumble out.

The woman’s lawsuit claims El Hefe staff placed her in a dangerous situation with a man they suspected of drugging her, and they did nothing.

The complaint says, “El Hefe knew or should have known that the assailant posed a risk of danger” to the woman.

Her lawyer John Chwarzynski told ABC7: “I’m confident that [these videos] are going to show that El Hefe was involved in this, that they knew who this individual was and throughout that evening, this assailant and suspect was having conversations and was friendly with the bar staff and in fact knew the bar staff.”

Staff at El Hefe restaurant have been accused of

El Hefe denied the allegations outlined in the lawsuit in a Facebook post, insisting that its security staff did not witness a sexual assault.

“On the evening of October 18, a female guest became ill inside El Hefe and, per the venue’s standard protocol, was escorted by our security team to the back exit.

“A male guest followed the female guest as she was escorted out back. El Hefe called an ambulance for the female guest and security remained with her until she left, alone, on the ambulance.

“During this time, our security team did not witness an assault in the alley. The male guest went back inside the venue and minutes later security witnessed the male guest leave the premises through the front door.

“We will work with law enforcement and cooperate in all facets necessary to help the authorities get the facts and enable a speedy investigation.”

The two bouncers appear to watch the assault



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