7 Pretty Hair Highlight Ideas

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and what better way to reveal it in all its glory than by adding highlights!

When you’ve always worn your hair in its natural colour, but you don’t want to change everything up, you could always use highlights strategically placed to transform your overall look.

If you’re still worried it will look weird, well, check out these beautiful hair highlight ideas we’ve got for you!

1. Blonde

If you have darker hair, add some blonde highlights to make it look fuller and sexier.

2. High Contrast

Whether you have blonde or dark hair, combining both together to create a high contrast adds drama to your hair.

3. Ginger hair with blonde highlights

I just love ginger hair! But if you want to make it lovelier, add some blonde highlights for a little bit of flair to your hair.

4. Ash brown highlights

This is great for dark-haired gals. You can maintain your natural dark hair whilst giving it more bounce by adding highlights in the right places.

5. Platinum highlights

Thank heavens for platinum highlights, mums with grey hair will always look gorgeous!

6. Caramel Honey

For a sweet and sexy look, choose caramel honey that leaves an impression.

7. Pink hair and Blonde highlights

Stand out and make a statement with pink hair and blonde highlights.

Have you picked your hair highlight?


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