12 of Best Jackets, Coats and Outfits for Dogs This Christmas!

Sometimes I wonder if we choose outfits for our pets because we want to keep them warm and protected from the elements, or, because we just can’t get past the cuteness factor of some of the jumpers, coats, and tees out there.

Christmas is the perfect time to update your pooches wardrobe and whether you are a snuggly puppy cuddly-kind-a-pooch-owner or prefer the wonderful world of mystery and superheros, you will find something on this list to jingle your bells this Christmas!

Kazoo Sherlock Dog Coat

$32.00 (RRP$63.99)

Perfect for the investigative hound in your life! It’s made from the best tweed (interior) and a super cosy fleece (interior) so you may want to pop it away for autumn / winter!


Available in sizes:


Extra Small

Kazoo Denim Bomber Dog Jacket RRP $ 26.25 – $36.25

For puppies with swagger and attitude!



FuzzYard Dog Pyjamas Counting Sheep Pink

RRP $34.99 – $54.99

It’s a PJ party and your pooch is not only invited but part of the pyjama-wearing fun! (Why am I thinking about Greece now?! Look at me I’m Sandra Dee!)



No Problama ($17.50 – $27.50)


Counting Sheep Green ($34.99 – $54.99)

FuzzYard Dog Jacket Rebel Pink with Sheepskin Trim RRP $30.00 – $40.00

Pink Ladies eat you hearts out! This super spunky pink denim coat demands a flattering wink and little rub behind the ears in appreciation.

Rubies Deerfield Superman Deluxe Dog Costume $20.00 (RRP $39.99)

Super who? Super pup, that’s who! Out to save the world one dog biscuit at a time!

Rubies Deerfield Batgirl Tutu Dress Dog Costume $23.99 (RRP $39.99)

NaNaNaNa  NaNaNaNa, Bat Dog! Every girl deserves a tutu my fiends and friends!

Hamish McBeth Pyjamas Puppy Heart  RRP $30.99 – $38.99

Keep your pooch warm on those chilly nights with this super sweet PJ jacket. The fabric is even suitable for dogs with skin conditions! Now that soothing thought!


Hamish McBeth Pyjamas Tartan Blue RRP $30.99 – $42.99

Get a little tartan love in your life with classic tartan coat. Sure to turn the head of every pup and their human on the street.


AFL Dog T-shirt Richmond Tigers RRP $23.99

Roar like Tigers this silly season with your favourite AFL team! But be careful, if you pooch doesn’t agree with your favourite team colours they might get a little nippy! It’s a passion thing after all!

Rubies Deerfield Thor Dog Costume RRP $20.00

Who doesn’t love Thor right?  Give your pup the courage to fight against all odds, no park with be off limits, no hill unsurmountable! For the pooch who has everything maybe?

Have fun in dressing up your furry friends!


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