Playboy model is slammed by PETA for using animals as ‘selfie accessories’ after a lemur nuzzled in her cleavage

A PLAYBOY cover model who used shared a video of a lemur burrowing in her cleavage has been slammed by PETA for using the animal as an accessory.
Stunning Francia James, who was on the cover of Playboy Africa in May this year, shared a video on her Instagram of the lemur getting frisky as she toured a zoo in Webster, Florida.

Stunning Francia James had her breasts fondled by the primate
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Jam Press
She was carrying the lemur on her shoulder at the time[/caption]

Francia and the lemur were still friends
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She was touring a zoo in Webster, Florida
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She has since come under fire from PETA after she was accused of coaxing the primate by placing an item of food on herself before she began recording.
The model, from Manizales, Colombia, was trying to carry the lemur on her shoulders when it dived into her shirt.
A hilarious clip shows her screaming: “Oh my god, what should I do?” as it burrows into her bra.
Francia, who now lives in Miami and works as a full-time content creator, then falls over a lawn chair as the creature sprints off in the opposite direction.
Posting the video to her 3.2m Instagram followers, Francia joked: “Did y’all know Lemurs were this frisky?
“How would you act the first time meeting me?”
Many on social media called the model out and accused of putting something down her top.
One wrote: “You know you put food down there to bait him.”
Another wrote: “All staged they put something there for him to lick.”
Elisa Allen, PETA’s director, told the MailOnline: “Lemurs are among the world’s most endangered mammals.
“These intelligent, social animals belong in Madagascan forests, where they can engage in natural behaviour, not in some shady pseudo-sanctuary that allows humans to grope wild animals for Instagram ‘likes’.
“We hope in the future Ms James will think twice and refuse to patronise attractions that treat animals as selfie accessories rather than the sensitive living beings they are.”
It comes after she was felt up by an elephant at a safari park.
Francia says the beast groped her while she was posing for pictures near the beast in a bikini at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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This is the hilarious moment the Playboy model gets felt up by an elephant
Jam Press

Bubbles the Elephant seemed particularly taken with Francia James’ assets in the frisky clip
Jam Press

Francia said: ‘The trunk felt just like a large man’s hand with a high powered vacuum attached!’
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The Instagram star can be seen cosying up to the 9,000lbs animal in a clip uploaded to social media.
As she strokes the elephant’s trunk, the animal decides she wants to cop a feel as well and goes straight for the glamour girls boobs.
The end of the trunk can be seen apparently trying to grasp her breasts, possibly even trying to tear off her tiny bikini.

The trunk felt just like a large man’s hand with a high powered vacuum attached!
Francia JamesPlayboy model

This left curvaceous Colombian “shocked” as her chest was examined by the 34-year-old female behemoth.
She said: “The trunk felt just like a large man’s hand with a high powered vacuum attached!”
But some online suspect the model may have rubbed something on her chest to attract the attention of the elephant while others accused her of exploiting the animal
One said online: “I don’t understand why you have to film animals to promote your body”
A second branded the video a “fake”.
And a third said she had been “silly”.

But more enthusiastic viewers described the elephant as the “luckiest in the world” and another just saying “that’s my boy”, despite the elephant actually being female.
On its website the zoo said the elephant, called Bubbles, was rescued in the early 1980s when her herd was killed for their ivory.
She was one of the few that survived.

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According to her Instagram she Francia now lives in South Florida
Jam Press

Francia has posed for Playboy and FHM as well as being a social media star
Jam Press

The Colombian beauty has 2.2 million followers on Instagram
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