Francis Rossi won’t share I’m A Celebrity toilet, Wustoo

Francis Rossi won’t share I’m A Celebrity toilet

Francis Rossi won’t share I’m A Celebrity toilet, Wustoo

I’m sure, like most people, the main reason you tune in to watch ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ each year is to see if Status Quo’s Francis Rossi is on it. And every year you’re disappointed. Surely it’s just a numbers game though. There can only be so many series of the show before he’s on it. Well, sadly, not without a fundamental change to the jungle camp set up.

Rossi, you see, is not willing to a share a toilet. Not with you, not with anyone. And certainly not with a member of the boyband that apparently won ‘X Factor’ in 2017. Rossi hasn’t shared a toilet for the best part of 50 years and he’s not about to start now.

“They’ve asked me a few times, but if I can’t have my own toilet then it’s a case of ‘thank you, goodbye’”, he tells The Sun. “I’ve had my own bathroom since my 20s. Why would I want to share that with anyone?”

Rossi has been married twice and has eight children. I’m not saying he’s a difficult man to live with, but I do now imagine that he counts sheets of toilet roll to make sure no one’s been using his private toilet.

Everyone has a price though and Rossi is no different. “I’d probably do it for a million”, he says. And that’s without a private loo. So, your hopes of seeing him in the jungle are not entirely dashed. Be careful what you wish for.

“I’d get thrown out the first week because I wouldn’t do anything”, he goes on. “So I’m not the ideal candidate”.

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I’m not sure if he means he wouldn’t take part or just wouldn’t go to the toilet. After a week of holding it in, I think everyone would be relieved to see him go. From the show, not to the loo.


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