Hear Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ reimagined as a deathcore song

It’s the track that can be spun into a thousand different genres

Billie Eilish
The biggest crowd of the weekend? The cult of Billie just keeps on growing. Spotted side of stage: Dave Grohl and daughter Violet.

Billie Eilish‘s hit ‘Bad Guy’ has been reimagined as a deathcore song – listen to the version below.

It’s the latest in a long line of versions of the track.

The cover, by the band Toli Wild, is a supremely heavy take on the song that’s been spun a thousand different ways since its release earlier this year. Watch the new video below.

Prior to the new deathcore remix, ‘Bad Guy’ has been covered in the style of Blink-182, ‘Dookie’-era Green Day, and given a live version by ska punks The Interrupters.

Hear all the various ‘Bad Guy’ cover versions, from classical to pop-punk, in NME‘s round-up.

The song also got a new remix courtesy of Eilish herself back in July, with a new version featuring Justin Bieber.

Eilish is set to release a new song called ‘Everything I Wanted’ this week (November 13). It comes after the young pop star teased last week that she was releasing new music.

In an Instagram story shared on November 6, she told her fans that a new Vanity Fair piece about her wouldn’t be out for a few weeks, but as a “compromise” she’d be releasing a new song.

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