The Ultimate Winter Starter Pack: 7 Items Your Closet Will Starve Without

Welcome to the Starter Pack series, a Who What Wear column that dives deep into the seasonal trends everyone’s talking about.

It seems like only yesterday we were finally cooling down from a sweltering summer and opening up our minds to the possibilities of fall and all the seasonal wardrobe shifts that came with it. Just as houndstooth trousers, atypical trenches, and chain-strap quickly bags infiltrated our closets, the time has come for yet another quick seasonal shift as we prepare to enter winter 2019. And in case you didn’t see where this was going, we have a whole new starter pack of winter trends for you to start shopping right now.

Luckily (depending who you are), this winter is all about toning things down and staying true to the classics, but not without a few festive styling tricks along the way. Starting with winter’s version of the must-have trend and ending with a festive accessory option, the winter 2019 trends ahead are some of the best yet and we can’t wait for you to add them to your cart. Trust us—adding the seven new trends ahead to your winter wardrobe will have it feeling full and excited in seconds flat.

Leather separates, in general, will provide you tons of warmth, and, of course, lots of style, but nothing looks quite as chic as a leather trench in the winter. Layer this over suits, dresses, or even sweats. This outerwear trend will quickly become your go-to for the rest of the season.

While you might be thinking your kitten and block heels being the workhorses of your winter footwear assortment, I can guarantee they will get ruined amongst the rain and snow that accumulates during this time of year. Do yourself a favor and think practically this time around and buy a pair of rubber lug-sole boots instead.

There’s no way you will survive winter without a warm and cozy sweater and this season, Fair Isle sweaters are where it’s at. This traditional and somewhat preppy pattern has officially made its way into the rotation of the trendy girl’s closet, and yours is next.

Suiting has officially taken over the closets of fashion girls everywhere and for the winter season ahead, we’re recommending you put the denim down and try out a sleek pair of tailored trousers instead. Trust me when I say that all of your hoodies, sweaters, and jackets alike will look 10 times chicer when paired with classic slacks.

Printed turtlenecks might seem intimidating at first, but once you get used to all the striking ways to layer them, you won’t be able to put an outfit together without one. Considering the fact that inventive layering is pretty much what winter is all about, this particular trend will come in handy nearly every time you get dressed this season.

Last year was all about the statement puffer (you know—the oversized, neon bad boys). Well, the tables have turned, folks, and this time around, the “cool” puffers to own are, well, the toned-down ones. The rest of your winter wardrobe will thank you for the fact that it finally has a warm jacket that won’t clash with basically everything else.

Once the temperature drops, shearling jackets are expected, but shearling accessories? Now that is a winter trend that will wow the crowds. Whether it be in the form of shearling-lined boots, shearling-covered bags, or even shearling hats, this warm and fuzzy trend will bring you joy—and that’s a fact. 

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