Clever dog learns to ‘talk in sentences’ using buttons and can ask for walks, food and her ball

AN incredible pupper has learnt to TALK using a series of buttons to construct sentences and ask for things like walks, her ball or food.

Stella, an 18-month-old Catahoula and Blue Heeler mix has the language skills of a two-year-old and can incredibly hold conversations via the device, her owner says.

18-month old Stella had the language skills of a human toddler

Christina, 26, from San Diego, began teaching Stella how to use the buttons when she was just eight-weeks-old.

The buttons are attached to a large wooden panel and are labelled with words like “ball,” “food” and “walk.”

Upon tapping the buttons with her paw, Stella hears the word out loud and can construct sentences asking her owner for things or expressing an emotion or need.

For instance, in a clip from Christina’s YouTube channel, Stella taps out “happy ball want outside” before heading over to the door, tail wagging before Christina lets her out to play.

Christina, a speech pathologist says Stella’s language skills are similar to that of a two-year-old child.

She uses a similar technique with the children she works with.

Incredibly Stella even asks after people when she misses them.

Christina recalls how Stella once tapped out “want Jake come” when she was missing Christina’s fiancee, Jake, while he was away at work.

And once Stella heard a noise and pressed the “look” button nine times before pressing the “come outside” button too.

Christina told PEOPLE: “I’m in constant amazement and shock.

“Every day she says something cooler than she said the day before.”


Christina and Stella[/caption]


Stella can ask for walks, her ball and food[/caption]


The buttons are labelled and play the word out loud when tapped[/caption]


Stella can tap the buttons with her paw or nose[/caption]


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