Shocked McDonald’s customer gets stoned after finding bags of WEED in sweet tea that he asked for with ‘extra lemons’

A THIRSTY McDonald’s customer was shocked to discover he was “high as a kite,” after opening his funny tasting sweet tea to discover it had three bags of WEED inside it.

Parrish Brown, 24, who says he’s “never had weed a day in my life” began to become increasingly paranoid at work after downing a sweet tea he’d ordered from McDonald’s with “extra lemons.”


The 24-year-old says his drink tasted funny and he began to feel ‘weird’[/caption]

He had ordered a sweet tea with extra lemon from his local McDonald’s (file photo)
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According to Island Packet, the 24-year-old says his suspicions were first roused when ordering the drink – alongside nuggets and a cheeseburger – at the Hilton Head Island McDonald’s in South Carolina, and the cashier repeated his order.


He says after requesting a sweet tea with “light ice and extra lemon” the McDonald’s worker quizzed “extra lemon?” in an odd voice.

Parrish recounts that after a few sips of the drink he began to “feel weird and it didn’t taste like something I recognised.”

It turns out that after poking about inside the opaque cup with his straw he’d punctured one of the bags and the tea had become infused with marijuana.

However, despite the strange taste he pushed on “because he was thirsty” but then realised he was “high as a kite.”


Opening the cup, he realised it was filled with weed and began to panic.

He said: “Well, I was high and panicking and at work, so I called my dad,” Brown said. “I didn’t want to get in trouble for this…it was a whole ordeal.”

The panicking night shift worker quickly phoned his dad who advised him to let his managers know what happened and alert the police.

But Parrish says – perhaps due to the effects – that when he alerted emergency services they were so shocked that they forgot themselves.

He said: “I called dispatch and the woman yelled like ‘WHAT!? Call 911!’ And I was like, ma’am, you are 911.’ She couldn’t believe it.”

An officer arrived and immediately knew the substance was marijuana, with local police continuing with the investigation.

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Bob Bromage says an investigation is ongoing.

He also didn’t specify which McDonald’s Brown had gone to as there are two on the island.

A representative for McDonald’s said the company is “fully cooperating with law enforcement on the validity of this claim.”


Parrish says he was panicking to be ‘high as a kite’ at work[/caption]

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The 24-year-old says he found three bags of weed in his drink[/caption]

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McDonald’s say they are cooperating with police[/caption]


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