Boy, 6, screams ‘mum’s trying to kill me’ as he’s stabbed 25 times by his crazed naked mother before cops shoot her dead

POLICE were horrified to discover a six-year-old boy covered in blood and his crazed mum, naked and urging police to kill her after stabbing him 25 times.

Cops had arrived at the property in Henderson, Nevada after a troubling call from the six-year-old in which he can be heard screaming “don’t hurt me,” and “she’s trying to kill me.”

Henderson Police

At one point during the struggle, the woman grabbed an officer’s gun and was able to shoot it once[/caption]


Henderson Police

Cops later released a distressing image of the boy’s blood-soaked t-shirt[/caption]

The mum, named in local media as 37-year-old Claudia Nadia Rodriguez was found by cops completely naked and saying: “They’re trying to kill each other. They’re making us do it. We got to kill each other.”

When approached by officers she reportedly screamed: “You got to kill me,” and was  “agitated.”

A struggle ensued with the two male officers, with shocking body cam footage showing a naked Rodriguez grabbing one of the officer’s guns as they both try to wrestle it off her.

According to reports, the 37-year-old managed to shoot the gun once, but no officers were harmed.

Rodriguez was shot at the scene, later dying from her injuries at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Centre.

The youngster was taken to University Medical Centre in Las Vegas where it was discovered he had been stabbed 25 times by his own mum, police say.

The Henderson Police Department later released a horrifying photograph of the little boy’s blood-stained t-shirt.

The department also made public the harrowing 911 recording, in which the extremely distressed little boy can be heard screaming and begging his mum not to hurt him.

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He also tells the operator through sobs: “She’s trying to kill me.”

However,  he is reportedly doing well and expected to make a full recovery.

Both officers have been placed on paid leave while local police chiefs investigate the fatal shooting, which has been ruled as a homicide.

Further investigations after the incident have uncovered the woman had a history of domestic violence and is alleged to have “mentally and physically abused” two of her older children.

She had been arrested four times in the last four years on suspicion of domestic battery, and one conviction
of the same charge from 2017.

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According to reports, the child’s father had been locked in a fierce custody battle with Rodriugez around the same time and was fighting for sole custody of the boy on the grounds that his mother was abusive.

As of December that year the couple had joint custody of him.

Henderson Police

The naked woman wrestled with police before she was fatally shot[/caption]

Henderson Police

Officers arrived at the scene to find the youngster covered in blood and his mum, naked and urging them to kill her[/caption]

Henderson Police

The two officers have been placed on leave while the shooting is investigated[/caption]


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