Mexico’s spiraling cartel wars leaves backlog of 30,000 unidentified corpses languishing in TRUCKS and morgues

MEXICO’S spiraling cartel wars have left a backlog of 30,000 unidentified corpses languishing in trucks and morgues, it has been revealed.

The country’s National Human Rights Commission made the harrowing announcement just days before the brutal slaying of nine US woman and children on Monday.

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A lorry hidden near a warehouse and containing 157 dead human bodies was discovered by locals in the western Mexican state of Jalisco last year[/caption]

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A trailer carrying more than 270 unidentified bodies is driven through the streets of Guadalajara in September 2018[/caption]

There are also an uncalculated number of skeletal remains piling up across the country, according to the government commission’s report released last Thursday.

Mexico’s mounting wave of homicides over the last decade has also contributed to the huge pileup of corpses.

In 2018, there were 33,341 murders, a 33 per cent increase over the record-breaking 2017 toll of 25,000 – at the time the highest rate since 1997 when the record began.

Many of the unidentified remains have been found in clandestine burial pits often used by criminal gangs to dispose of the bodies of victims or rivals.


In 2018, residents of the western city of Guadalajara complained about the smell coming from a refrigerated trailer that was found to hold 273 unidentified corpses.

Locals were so disgusted – with some even claiming to have seen blood leaking from the container – they threatened to set it on fire.

The local morgue was so overcrowded and poorly run that some bodies were left to rot for two years before being autopsied.

The trucks – known as “morgues-on-wheels” – have become an increasingly familiar sight as drug cartels ramp up their murderous campaigns, generating more victims than authorities can cope with.


But it’s not just drug cartels doing the killing – the country’s security forces are believed to have played a role in more than 37,000 “enforced disappearances”.

“Since 2006, enforced disappearances by security forces have been a widespread problem,” the report said.

“In October 2018, the interior minister stated that the whereabouts of more than 37,400 people who had gone missing since 2006 remain unknown.

“According to the CNDH (National Human Rights Commission), more than 3,900 bodies have been found in over 1,300 clandestine graves since 2007.”

Victims... Dawna Langford, Trevor Langford, Rogan Langford, Christina Marie Langford Johnson, Kristal Miller, Rhonita Maria Miller and twins Titus and Tiana, and Howard Miller.
Victims: Dawna Langford, Trevor Langford, Rogan Langford, Christina Marie Langford Johnson, Kristal Miller, Rhonita Maria Miller and twins Titus and Tiana, and Howard Miller
Relatives of slain members of Mexican-American families belonging to Mormon communities react at the site where some of their relatives died
Two girls sob as they look at the burnt out shell of a car where nine were killed
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Mexico’s wave of bloodshed has been put further under the international spotlight following the senseless slaughter of the group of US citizens this week.

Three American mothers and six children were killed when their three cars were sprayed with bullets and exploded into a fireball in northern Mexico.

Adults Rhonita Miller, 30, Dawna Langford, 43, and Christina Langford Johnson, 29, died in a hail of gunfire, according to relatives.

The slain children have been identified as Howard Miller, 12; Trevor Langford, 11; Krystal Miller, 10; Rogan Langford, two; and eight-month-old twins, Titus and Tiana Miller.


On Wednesday, it was revealed a suspected gunman in the massacre was arrested after being found with bound and gagged hostages and a bullet-proof vehicle near the Arizona border.

Ms Miller’s burnt-out, bullet-ridden SUV and the two other vehicles were reportedly found outside the town of Bavispe.

Several other children were shot and injured in the attack but survived after fleeing and hiding in bushes nearby.

The victims were all US citizens who lived in La Mora, a decades-old settlement in Sonora near the US border, about 112km south of Douglas, Arizona.

They belonged to a Mormon family who were part of a polygamous secretive community with ties to a notorious sex-cult and a polygamous “Mormon Manson”.

It is understood the convoy, which was travelling to a wedding, was attacked by members of the notorious Juarez drug cartel.

They are rivals of the Sinaloa cartel, formerly led by kingpin El Chapo Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, who is serving a life sentence in the US after being convicted last February of industrial-scale drug trafficking.

The FBI offered help to the Mexican government investigate the killings – hours after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected US President Donald Trump’s vow to “wage war” on the cartels.

Eight young children — including babies — survived the attack by hiding in the bushes
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A suspect named only as a 30-year-old man called Leonardo was found late on Tuesday near the US/Mexico border
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