Iasha Masood claims she got booted from The Apprentice show for being boring

Iasha Masood claims she got booted from The Apprentice show for being boring

Iasha Masood claims she got booted from the show for being a ‘boring businesswoman’. The 27-year-old was the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice and following her exit, Iasha exclusively told Metro.co.uk that viewers would be ‘bored’ if they saw her just talking about business all the time. On tonight’s episode, the hopefuls got to have a bit of fun during their task as Lord Sugar sent them to Thorpe Park to create their own rollercoaster ride.

They needed to design, brand and pitch their new attraction – and as you can imagine, there were a lot of heated discussions during the process (mainly between Lottie Lion and Thomas Skinner). But it was Iasha that got the chop, after she was slammed by her fellow candidates and Lord Sugar in the boardroom for ‘not contributing’ to the task. However, Iasha revealed that wasn’t the case, and told us: ‘I definitely felt like that, but I can see why it’s done like that, because you would be bored if you saw me talking about business and being a serious businesswoman. ‘The show’s ratings would definitely go down.’


‘I 100% contributed because in the marketing task the reason the poster looked so good was because of my background and I am quite savvy on illustrator and Photoshop so I worked closely with the designer so I could help bring Tommy’s idea to life. ‘But the episode is only an hour-long so they don’t want to put all the boring parts in.’ During the pitches, both teams received some harsh criticism from the judges – but in the end, it was a unanimous vote.


Manchester-native Iasha also admitted that she felt picked on by her fellow candidates – but she understands why some parts of the show is ‘edited’ that way. She added: ‘I watch The Apprentice and I love watching the drama, I don’t necessarily like watching the business parts so I do understand it.  On the show, we chat about this a little bit and the reality is in that particular task I wouldn’t get featured and the edit was like that.


‘The storyline of that episode was the controversy between Lottie and Thomas, which were much more interesting for a television audience to watch. ‘They do disagree quite a lot, they are big and strong characters which is why they are so great to watch.’ Regarding Lord Sugar’s decision to fire the account manager, Iasha said she shouldn’t have been the one to go.


‘I don’t think it was the right decision, out of everyone I was definitely the more accomplished person in the boardroom. I have a great background and I have a strong track record in the process,’ Iasha said. ‘It is a real shame I don’t think I should have been the one to go, I think Dean was the least skilled in the boardroom but I am not negative about it. ‘I was really surprised and I tried to fight my corner but I am not that type of person who will tear other people down. I was surprised that I lost to Dean and Lottie.’


Source – MetroUK

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