Hero dad who rescued girl, 7, from being raped in a dance studio toilet wishes PAEDO ‘pain, darkness and misery’

A HERO dad who rescued a schoolgirl, seven, after she was savagely raped in a toilet has wished her attacker a life of “pain, darkness and misery”.

Brave Nick Gilio kicked depraved pervert Anthony Sampieri  in the head – despite the armed rapist slashing him from ear-to-ear in an Australian dance school.

Court drawing of monster Anthony Sampieri, appearing at NSW District Court
Sampieri ambushed and attacked the schoolgirl at the St George Dance Centre’s female toilets
News Corp Australia

Sicko Sampieri, 55, has pleaded guilty to three counts of raping a child and seven other offences related to the attack, reports the Australian Associated Press.

He was on parole at the time, for raping a woman in 2012.

Gilio, a diesel mechanic, told the New South Wales District Court on Thursday that the paedo “had no regard for me or my family… his only regard was a thirst for abuse.

“This is the reason I can’t sleep at night. The flashbacks are still there.”

Gilio told the court he could still remember the feeling of the scalpel being dragged across the back of his neck and the sight of the victim on top of the toilet with her hands, legs and neck bound.

There is no forgiveness or rehabilitation for what you have done. For the consequences of your actions, you must suffer.

Hero Nick Gilio

The previously “happy-go-lucky” man is now pessimistic about the world and sees all children as vulnerable to attack from paedos like Sampieri.

He said there was no sentence harsh enough for the pervert, and wished the vile rapist a life of “pain, darkness and misery”.

Gilio added: “The pain is a life sentence to all of us involved… we live with this pain every day of our lives.

“There is no forgiveness or rehabilitation for what you have done. For the consequences of your actions, you must suffer.”

Police at the scene of the horrific assault, at the St George Dance Centre in Sydney
The girl, 7, was rescued after being raped in the centre’s toilet
9 News

Shocking details of the dance hall rapist’s sexual attack on the primary schoolgirl have been revealed for the first time, when a statement of agreed facts were made public after a suppression order was lifted.

The girl was ambushed in the female toilets at the St George Dance Centre in Sydney in November, 2018.

News.com.au reports that Sampieri was hiding inside the toilets, watching porn on his mobile phone.

He later told cops he was “high” after injecting meth, and “sexually charged”.

His seven-year-old victim, weighing just 25kg and 130cm, was grabbed at knifepoint after she finished her jazz ballet class.

He tied a black cord around her throat, so she could barely breathe, and dragged her to the male toilet.

After locking her inside a cubicle, the paedo sexually assaulted her, while filming the sickening attack on his mobile.

Sampieri turned the toilet light off, and warned the girl he would “cut her neck off” if she made any noise.


The victim’s mum, who was wondering where her daughter was, began searching for her, along with a dance teacher and local dentist, Jeffrey Stack.

Using a mobile phone light to look under the door of the men’s toilet, the mum noticed a pair of shoes.

Sampieri mumbled from behind the locked cubicle, after she and Stack knocked on the door.

He then left the toilet, and walked past dance student dad Nick Gilio – who asked whether he’d seen the girl.

When Gilio and the girl’s mum walked back to the toilet, followed by Sampieri, they then saw the victim.

The mechanic yelled at Sampieri: “Is this what you do c***? Is this what you f***ing do, c***?” as he rammed the attacker’s head into a brick wall.


The rapist took out his knife and slashed Gilio’s stomach, which began bleeding.

Despite his injury, the mechanic grappled with Sampieri and they fell on to the floor, where the rapist then cut the man’s wrist, and slashed his neck, leaving a 14cm wound.

ABC News reports that despite his injuries, a bleeding Gilio ran from the toilets to ask someone to phone the cops.

But he managed to return, and boot Sampieri in the head, leaving him lying in a pool of blood, with swollen eyes.


Acting Judge Paul Conlon, who will sentence Sampieri, thanked Gilio for his “incredible act of bravery”.

Sampieri sat slumped in the dock with his head bowed for much of the hearing.

He faces the court again on December 9.

Sampieri is also due to be sentenced over admissions he made about 94 offensive phone calls to 91 women between August and the day of the attack.

Paedo Sampieri was inside the female toilets, watching porn on his phone
News Corp Australia


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