Devastated wife says she ‘has no reason to live’ after evil husband hanged their four kids in divorce row

A DEVASTATED wife has said she has “no reason for living” after her evil husband hanged his four kids in their school uniforms when she served him divorce papers.

Sibusiso Mpungose, 44, pleaded guilty to murdering his kids Kuhlekonke, 4, Khwezi, 6, Siphesihle, 10, and 17-year-old step-daughter Ayakha Jiyane.

Sibusiso Mpungose was sentenced to four life sentences
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Sibusiso Mpungose, 44, allegedly killed his three kids and his wife’s daughter

He was handed four life sentences by Judge Sharmaine Balton at the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa on Wednesday.

He pleaded guilty to the murders which occurred just a few days after his wife Xolisile, 42, had served him with divorce papers.

Mpungose told the court that he killed his children because he believed his wife was cheating on him.

He waited until wife left for work before ordering a string of taxis to pick his kids up from a nearby school.

He then took Kuhlekonke, 4, daughter Khwezi, 6, and son Sphesihile, 10, back to the marital home in Durban, South Africa, before ordering Sphesihile to leave and buy sweets.

He then reportedly strung up the two youngest kids with their school belts before hanging Sphesihile on his return.

Cops said he then tricked his stepdaughter to leave school and come home before killing her too.

Armed cops found the bodies of the three youngest kids after breaking down the door following a tip-off from their mum.

They then found Ayakha hanging from a tree – before arresting Mpungose as he tried to kill himself.

A statement from Xolisile that was read out in court said: “I see no reason for living on this Earth. I feel that my life ended the day my children were killed.”

Judge Balton said in sentencing that the murders were ” brutal and senseless”.

He will return to court later this month to face an additional charge of rape in an unrelated incident, which allegedly occurred days before he killed his children.

Armed cops found Ayakha hanging from a tree
He had just been served with divorce papers by wife Xolisile (pictured her daughter, Ayakha)


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