19 of the Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever Worn

Weddings are amongst the biggest, most important events in a woman’s life because they only come (hopefully) once in a lifetime.

But just because most of us dream of fairy tale weddings, does not mean that it is spared from the weird and insane ideas. Here are among the most bizarre wedding dresses that should have never, ever happened.

1. Vagina-Themed Wedding Dress

We. Can’t. Even. Why? Will the groom have a big cock on his?

2. Boobalicious!

Women love to flaunt their assets but definitely not this much. Not sure why she was ever allowed to wear this at all. Honey, put your girls away!

I think he is marrying her for her wit and personality.

3. Curves in all the WRONG places.

Hmmmmm a dress that accentuates the hamburger you ate for lunch.


4. Shotgun Wedding!

It’s perfectly normal for pregnant women to want to flaunt their bumps but this is way too much — and gross, too.

5.  Totally Over the Top Wedding Dresses

Not too weird, actually, but doing anything in this wedding dress would be close to impossible. You can have your dress, and eat it too!


6. The Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

For the bride who just can’t get enough of her Hello Kitty obsession.

Or Barbie?

Or – I don’t know what this is…

7. Miley Cyrus-Inspired Wedding Dress

In case you feel like putting on a Miley Cyrus show — maybe twerking, too? — then this is the wedding dress for you.

Perhaps something slightly covered is what you’d prefer instead?

Bizarre Haute Couture

Not sure if I’d feel like I’m in Cloud 9 with this dress…


Bizarre Fabrics….

If you’re inspired by the movie Up or are pretty sure you won’t be encountering any pointy things all throughout the ceremony, then you’d probably love this dress.

Sure it’s a lot cheaper than the usual fare of wedding dresses and they can look extremely elegant, too. Just make sure you don’t sweat a lot or go near something that could rip it apart. Yikes!


Over the Top Gypsy Weddings




Bogan Chic

Think cammo!




Just Wrong…..

What’s the best way to celebrate the upcoming married life? Start it out by wearing a wedding dress that’s made out of household gloves — 1400 of them to be exact!

The No Wedding Dress Wedding Dresses

If you just feel like wearing your undies but aren’t that daring yet, how about trying some body paint instead? Have your whole entourage join in on the fun, too!

Perfect for the couple who have nothing to hide anyway.


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Would you dare try these bizarre wedding dresses on your big day?


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