29 Backyard Pools to Dream About

I’ve wanted a pool for about… hmmm… forever now!

I’m still saving up – but it doesn’t stop me from looking, drooling and ogling all the pools I find on the Internet. Here are some of my favourite backyard pools!

Traditional Style

Traditional backyard pools are perfect for those who want clean, horizontal lines. However, just because they are straightforward doesn’t mean they are boring! Look at these beautiful pools for example.

People who have limited backyard space will certainly enjoy small pools. They may not be Olympic-sized, but size certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to splash-fests.

Would you do anything for a piece of the ocean right in your very own backyard? Beach entrance pools are a thing now — a very wonderful thing if you ask me.

If you’re more of a lagoon person than a sea person, don’t fret — lagoon style backyard pools exist! And judging from these photographs, lagoon style pools can range from romantic to absolutely magical.

Do you have a body of water naturally existing in your backyard? Proclaim yourself to be the most fortunate home owner on earth because you can turn them into the most adorable pools ever!

I’ll Need to Win the Lottery Pools: You may not have to spend a lot to turn natural bodies of water into backyard pools, while you (or I) may need to win the lottery just to have these gorgeousness.

Are you dreaming of a beautiful backyard pool like me?

29 Backyard Pools to Dream About


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