Ayia Napa rape lie Brit ‘suffered hallucinations and heard voices’ after allegedly being gang raped by 12 Israeli men

A BRITISH teenager accused of fabricating a gang-rape by 12 Israeli men after a night out in Ayia Napa has said she suffers hallucinations and hears voices as she is so traumatised by the attack.

The 19-year-old told the court how she hadn’t slept in three days and was already suffering from PTSD when she says she was forced to retract the original rape allegation.

The girl cannot be named for legal reasons
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The 19 year old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is facing a charge of public mischief after turning from victim to accused in a matter of hours.

Mail Online reports how the court in Larnaca heard from expert defence witness clinical psychologist Dr Christine Tizzard, who submitted a 12 page report to the trial judge, after a series of interviews with the girl.


Giving evidence via video link from the UK, Dr Tizzard described how the girl was already suffering from emotional trauma after blaming herself for the death of her horse when she was 12 years old.

She said that during a phone conversation the 19-year-old told her she was suffering from hallucinations and had heard voices in her head.

She added that throughout the conversation, the teenager sounded ‘stressed, scared and didn’t know what to do.’

Dr Tizzard, – who has diagnosed soldiers with PTSD – added: ”The girl clearly has severe PTSD and the underlying condition has increased by the rape incident in July.

“She [was] showing classic symptoms of fight or flight in her behaviour at the police station.”


The doctor described how pressure from police for the girl to retract her initial statement would have provoked her to have ”hyper arousal or an acute stress response’.”

During cross examination there was tension after prosecutor Adamos Demosthenous questioned whether the girl really was suffering from PTSD.

He asked Dr Tizzard:“So you believe what the defendant told you?”

Dr Tizzard said:”Yes. I have no reason to dispute these facts. In my opinion she is a reliable witness.”

At the last hearing the court heard how detective sergeant Marios Christou had left the girl traumatised after insisting there was no rape and writing out her retraction statement.

Last month The Sun exclusively revealed details of her statement which she claims was written by cops and used against her.

It was worded in poor English with terrible grammar and her legal team had hoped to have Dr Andrea Nini, a Manchester based forensic linguist to give evidence at the hearing via video link but the request was denied after the prosecution objected.

She has also described in horrific detail the moment cops turned on her and claimed ‘the rape didn’t happen’ after they were shown ‘consensual’ orgy sex tape.

She said she thought thought police would ‘kidnap and kill her’ unless she withdrew gang attack claims.


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The British teenager faces a year in jail in Cyprus if found guilty of public mischief [/caption]

The girl’s lawyers have told the court police coerced her into withdrawing gang rape allegations after an alleged attack in Ayia Napa
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All 12 Israeli men were originally arrested but all were released without charge
Michael Polak, from the UK legal aid group Justice Abroad, spoke outside the court in August, after they announced that they would be assisting the teenager
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The girl was staying at the Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel at the time of the incident, a hotel which has been slammed by worries parents
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The room in which the alleged rape took place, all 12 men accused were later released without charge

The Ayia Napa strip's 90 bars and clubs are packed in the summer
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Ayia Napa is a party spot popular with Brit tourists[/caption]

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