27+ Rude Christmas Cards For People You Can’t Stand

*Sings* “It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the year!”

Christmas is here and we’re close to falling off our chairs because of giggling too much. Here’s why…

 We found these really honest christmas cards and we have a few people in mind that deserve some rude holiday greetings. lol!

WARNING: Contains strong language

1. Ring my bells, ring my bells!

2. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream! ♫

3. Or else, you’ll get wrinkles!

4. Words of warning


5. Bottoms down!

6. Have you been naughty all this time?!

7. Ouch! This is too blunt!

8. Nope.

9. Too cute and mean!


10. This one’s for you, ‘friend’!

11. Jingle all the way! HEY!


12. That’s why I’m giving this to you. So simple but “special”.

13. It’s beginning to look like…

14. This one’s for you a**hole


15. Two words this Christmas: DON’T EXPECT

16. In other words, I don’t like you.

17. The best place to decorate your bells

18. Have a MEAN-ningful Christmas, sucker!

19. But I don’t!


20. This is all I can afford.

21. This reindeer’s horns are too “cute!”

22. Bahahaha.

23. I have the same emotion towards you.

24. Santa is exhausted. lol

25. Bahaha for all the grumpy ones!

26. This card is cute but not you!

27. Enjoy!

Aren’t these cards nice?

It’s perfect for all your fake friends! bahahaha

27+ Rude Christmas Cards For People You Can't Stand


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