25+ Christmas Food Platter Inspirations

How do you usually present your Christmas dishes?

I usually just lay them on the table using serving bowls, plates, platters — whatever is available and nice to look at, actually.

However, looking at these following platters, I’m inspired to take my Christmas spread to the next level! Let’s take a look at (and drool over) these 25 Christmas food platter inspirations.

1. Dainty burgers and drinks!

2. Anyone would go gaga over this cheese and crackers and fruit & jam platter!


3. Imagine having a buffet as pretty as this at home!

 4. I’m so loving the rustic appeal of these cheese platters.


5. One can – will – never get enough of sandwiches!

6. Just when you thought cones are only good for ice cream…


7. I’ve never thought of presenting tacos like this!

8. Try to entice your kids to eat veggies by giving them a Christmas-y vibe.

via thecountrycook.net

via lilluna.com

9. These veggie sticks and dips look so appetising!

10. These give cheese and grapes a more festive look.


11. These scream Christmas!

12. Remember, colour is an important element of your platter.

13. Such a beauty!

14. This seafood platter is a great catch!

15. This Vietnamese fare is perfect for anyone watching their diet!

16. Adorable eggs

17. Fried day!

18. Add blooms to your fruit platter and make it look more magical.

19. This lovely harvest is to ‘drool’ for!


20. Cheese balls

21. Just like how this one is perfect for the meat-lovers!

22. Some of the most attractive kebab platters I’ve ever seen.


23. The prettiest tarts!

24. Dessert

25. Finally, the most perfect platters I can never have…

Because I’m too lazy and hungry, I might eat a lot before Christmas dinner lol.

I don’t think I can ever have platters as pretty as these! But oh well…

Which food platter inspiration is your favourite?


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