25 Epic Halloween Costume Ideas For People In Wheelchairs

Who said kids on wheels can’t go trick or treatin’?

Parents of disabled kids try everyday to make their children feel normal.

Yes, they can’t run or jump or hike like the other kids, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play and have fun this Halloween.

Trick or Treat can be stressful, though. Parents strive to come up with the perfect costume. And guess what! We found tons of ideas online. Easy, creative and fun ones to make. All you need is some paint, some brushes, cardboard and other art materials. Run to the nearest art store now and don’t forget to stock on imagination!

Turn that wheelchair into anything you can think of — here are 25 Epic Halloween Costume Ideas to inspire you in making that major art project!

1) Red Baron Pilot

Soar High!

2) Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond!

This is Connor and he has leukodystrophy. His parents are awesome at making him costumes every Halloween. One year it was Cat in the hat, then Mickey Mouse, then Spongebob with a boat. And this one, he’s Buzz Lightyear.

3) DJ Booth

Turn the music up!

4) Bat Mobile

Who said Batman’s retired?

5) School Bus

Kids, the school bus is here!

This Bus Wheelchair Costume can be made out of a recliner box and regular box. Buy some push lights for headlights and some handicap license plate. Then you need some krylon spray paint (or acrylic – works best on cardboard!).

6) Firefighter

This Fireman wheelchair costume was a show-stopper at the Holland Bloorview’s 2012 Halloween parade.

All this costume needs is lots of red spray paint! You will also need black and silver spray paint for the complete effect. Look for plastic bowls and LED lights at home depot to make headlights. Don’t forget the fireman hat!

7) Super Mario

The super brothers!

PS Use foam boards to construct a gnarly red spoiler and run to a hardware store to get some rubber for the steering wheel. Whatever you do, don’t forget the mustache!

8) The Flintstones

Pebbles, represent!

9) The Eleventh Doctor at Doctor Who

Because Bow Ties are cool.

10) Policeman

You are under arrest…for looking so adorable!

11) Ice Cream Truck

It’s the Ice Cream Truck! YEEYY!

12) The Princess and The Pea

13) Cinderella Carriage

This carriage costume is magical! And the guess what — the magic stays even after 12 midnight!

14) Hello Kitty Car

A Hello Kitty car costume with a beautiful, happy, and capable toddler girl behind the wheel.

15) How To Train Your Dragon

Dragons are friends.

“For Halloween this last year my oldest son wanted to be a dragon rider and fly Toothless from his favorite movie How to Train Your Dragon. These costumes for one day of the year — and really any day they want to rock ’em — bridge the gap of excluding kids in wheelchairs and do that in an epic way!” – Ryan Weimer, dad of Keaton, age 9 and Bryce, age 3

16) Darth Vader

May the force be with you.

NEED: Cardboard and lots of black paint.

17) Viking

Vikings..strong and bold and feared by all!

18) Frozen inspired

Do you wanna build a snowman? That’s it, sing with me.

19) Queen of Hearts

All bow to the Queen..

20) Soldier Tank Costume

1..2..3.. Fire!

21) Wall – E

Wall-E does’t look that sad anymore =)

22) S.W.A.T. Tank

Here comes the SWAT Team.

23) The Wizard of Oz Hot Air Balloon

One of the most awesome and unique Halloween Costumes, ever!

24) Ninja Turtles Assault Van

You could be Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello!

25) Pirate

Set sail with your pirate crew on a Halloween night with a fun pirate ship!

Trick or Treat?

25 Epic Halloween Costume Ideas For People In Wheelchairs


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